BADJE est une société de post-production qui accompagne les producteurs de contenu audiovisuels vers leurs diffuseurs.

In. Fb. Li.


Can penguins fly ? Are sloths show ? What makes gulls laugh ?  Are the hammerhead shark and the sawfish good carpenters ? Can a mole see the light at the end of the tunnel ?…
So many questions gnawing at our minds and keeping us awake !
Paul-Émile, a distinguished if unpredictable explorer, leaves no question unanswered. Packing his faithful camera, he travels around the world, bent upon unveiling the best-kept secrets of all kinds of crafty critters.
Episodes are standalone sketches featuring the explorer and wildlife moviemaker, Paul-Émile, along with the animal(s) he seeks to study. Each episode asks a question, more or less absurd, that our hero sets out to answer. The episode may, or may not, produce an answer of any kind. It may happen that the answer is completely irrelevant. At the end of every episode, during or right after the credits, the tale is concluded by one last gag.